About Us

Hello and Welcome to Estate Photo!

Real estate—especially international real estate—has always been the sort of end goal for many yet the way to getting it always seemed to obscure. There are always the law to consider, worrying about zoning permits, the transmutation of currencies, and all the licensing.

All this makes it seem that looking at real estate in places like Latin America is a far off dream. We’re here to tell you that this dream is actually quite attainable. All you need is a little help in grabbing the opportunity with both hands.

Who We Are

Estate Photo is a international real estate company that specializes in procuring Latin America real estate. We have enjoyed over forty years in the business and we have pretty much seen it all. Our highly skilled teams, under the wing of Mary Voss, have secured many a piece of heaven for our international set of clients.

We specialize in providing a synthesis of reality and dreamy landscapes. We tap into the skills of our team and the specified parameters set by our clients.

If you would like to get started on your own Latin America dream real estate, give us a call at 647-222-0519.