The Importance of Recognizing the Value in Dealing in International Real Estate

The net transformed various aspects of real estate and yet arguably the most impacted ended up being the ability for realtors selling international real estate, to touch a broader more diverse segment of investor without having much difficulties.

And so brokers have come to trust hugely on the Internet for many things and yet this is particularly the case in regards to discovering possible international real estate investors.

round top texas realtorGiven the information from 2017 we know that foreign real estate traders accounted for around $153 billion of the overall deals in the American market which subsequently would be an increase of the former year of a massive 50 percent. What’s more this symbolizes 10 percent of all national real estate transactions in the USA. All the figures earlier mentioned procured from NAR (National Association of Realtors) and are considered to be accurate.

Enhancing the lure of this significant and expanding market segment, most of these deals offer brokers a big paycheck. One more consideration here is the fact that lots of international investors are typically high networth individuals hoping to grow their wealth while making wise opportunities outside of their country of origin.

Still adding the international investor to your arsenal isn’t going to be as easy as finding them can be complicated.

Touching this part of the market however will include overcoming certain obstacles including language and currency exchange to name a couple. Generally though most international buyers will never buy in to a country without doing their research and having methods in place to eliminate any “lost in translation” problems.

China dominates the news all over the world when it comes to international business and in real estate this runs specifically true considering the data indicates that of the whole sales volume in the United States to international investors, China maintains 50% of that. All irrespective of limitations such as language and social variances.

Additionally according to Costa Rica real estate agent Gina B., the markets in that country have seen a significant uptick as more buyers from Asia and Europe eye up the affordable real estate in that country.

So is there a greater method for brokers to position themselves for this sizeable, profitable market?

CPROP’s end-to-end electronic transaction management system was created to promote real estate professionals to international prospects and assist them to safely and transparently close deals.

Basically it utilizes technology to streamline the sales process of service providers, from the starting of a deal to conclusion. The following below are a host of distinctive tactics any real estate brokers can capitalize on.

international real estate agency

Opting to focus more on international real estate buyers and sellers in one thing but making a success of it is something else altogether. You should not go getting all dollars signs in your eyes rather than completely researching where on the net these groups may possibly exist. Once you have uncovered them you’ll have to hedge inwards and earn trust within the international real estate buyer network.

If, for example the system contains a professional directory with unfiltered consumer ratings and recommendations and also automated translations, better yet.

Think trust and stability

Language barriers has to be anticipated and dealt with if you wish to have any international real estate transaction end devoid of issues including fraud.

Planning is key to productive international real estate buys and included in preparing you must take into account trust and security.

Technology changes at a remarkable rate and these days blockchain technology has came into the mix and permanently changed the way that real estate professionals do business from the internet. Blockchain technology makes way for security at ranges never recognized prior to this. Real estate contracts when written utilizing this technology, are cast for good in the encryption and eliminating any updates to the contract from being undetected.

On top of that another awesome benefit to using crypto money in transactions is the safeguards for the investor in knowing their money is fail-safe.

Seek accountable, efficient collaboration

There is no doubting the trouble in closing even a regional deal and yet when you start working with international investors and sellers there are a laundry list of further obstacles you may have to traverse like language barriers.

Knowing all the moving parts to your expected clients, leads and contracts is vital to your success. Have you any idea the real-time standing of anyone in your pipeline right now? If you’re not you really should.

Consider this though, as a realtor dealing in international transactions, wouldn’t it be practical to have a SaaS program that handled all the online digital aspects from beginning to end for any kind of international real estate transaction? Process transparency simplifies interactions, loosens real estate agent time and eases everybody’s mind.

Talking Property Value: What Main Things Can Affect It

When you are a savvy real estate investor, you should be very much aware that a property’s value can be raised or lessened with time. So early on, you must arm yourself with the understanding of what can raise and damage your property’s value.

Why You Need To Know

If you are aware of what can damage or enhance your property value, you can be more proactive about it. It also helps to form your decision making on whether or not a property is worth investing in. It is all about the very start of the purchasing process.

Here are a few main things that can affect a property’s value over time:


When a property is well out of the way of most thoroughfares, the initial purchasing price can be quite low. After all, it is not something that people go to. If a property is in the heart of everything—regardless of its size—it is usually sold for very high.

In order to determine if something out of the way will increase in property value, consider the area. Is it something that will be developed within the next ten years? If yes, consider what is going to be around that property as that will help boost the property’s value.


Consider the immediate area of the property. If the property is within an established gated community, the property value will only increase with time. If it is something that is just in a general residential community, there are so many other factors that can determine whether or not the property value will improve or decline.

This is why many smart investors try to elevate their community as they know it will help their own property value in the future.


It is all about knowing what is important and what can be done to improve the value of a home. You can also take the route of buying a property, improving it a smidge, and selling it at a higher cost soon after. This can help you retake your initial investment and give you a budget for a future purchase.

Choosing a Latin American Home: What You Should Consider Beforehand

Latin America is famous for its climate, sights, music, and delicacies. The market for foreign investment is at an all time high and is pretty friendly. This is one of the reasons why it is THE place to find real estate in.

This, however, does not mean that you should snap up the first deal that comes your way. If you are thinking of investing in the real estate that the Latin American area is known for, it is best that you keep these pointers in mind. These are what you should consider beforehand:

An International Buyer’s Agent

Not all agents are the same. There are those that specialize in local sales and there are those that are best for international sales. The two are quite different from each other. The regulations and paper required for each field are worlds apart. So if you are a foreigner and are thinking of buying property in that area, it would be prudent for you to secure a highly competent agent to make sure that there are no snags in your purchase.

Square Foot Calculation

Be aware that the calculation of the width of the property may not be what you are used to. There are properties that only measure the house itself. It may not include the yard or any outside part or the lot that the property is placed upon.

You need to be aware of how they measure the properties in the locale that you are buying the property from.

Area and Accessibility

There are areas in Latin America that may not be very accessibly unless you have vehicles. It could also be possible that the roads leading to the property may need some work. When you are considering buying the purchase, do not just rely on photos that showcase the house itself.

You must make an ocular inspection of the locale yourself in order to determine if it a feasible place to stay.


Latin America has some pretty spectacular sights so we wholly suggest that you invest there. You just need to partner up with the right firm to secure a good property without any snags.

Perks of a Gate: Why a Gated Community Works In Your Favor

When it comes to buying the property that you can ideally pass on to your descendants, there has always been a discussion on why a gated community is the best choice. Today, we look at why a gated community actually works in your favor in the long-term.

Property Values

It is a fact of life that property values tend to drop over time. However, that is entirely up to:

  1. How you treat your property
  2. Your immediate community

When you treat your property right by doing timely repairs and damage prevention measures, you invariably sustain and even raise your property value. However, despite your best intentions if your immediate community does not take care of their properties, it will invariably affect your own.

That said, gated communities incentivize their residents to care for their properties through annual contests and community cleanings. They also have pretty strict rules for unkempt lawns or any violations.


The world at large can be pretty scary at times. Being part of a gated community helps to keep any home invasion fears at bay. A gated community often employs top of the line security companies to rove around and keep perimeters secure.

If you have any issues that need to be dealt with, you can simply ring up the security and they can help you.

Stronger Sense of Community

Gated communities often make it a priority to foster a sense of community among the people who live there. After all, it is infinitely better to live in a place where those around you are pleasant and people that you actually get to know.

A stronger sense of community can get everyone on the same page about how they can better care for their property and their immediate surroundings.


A gated community has several established hallmarks that can help care for those that choose to live there. In the long run, a gated community is ultimately a better investment.